As an EPC contractor Triconser provides tailor made drilling teams, full overhaul, spare parts and certifications for your drilling equipment for the upstream operations. As an oil trading company we can provide you worldwide with your oil products demands against leading prices directly from our sources.
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Triconser is an international drilling service company world wide operating with offices in The Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland, Spain, Oman and Turkey. Our Group  is a forward-thinking organization who tries to make difference in the world by: “Developing and implementing innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges

Triconser is also an oil and gas trading company. As an oil producing company we have extensive contacts with well owners and refineries. This gives us the exclusive opportunity to deliver your company oil and gas products against leading prices direct from the source.

We believe our pioneering spirit will deliver superior solutions for our clients. We are dynamic, brave and purposeful, breaking through barriers and charting new ground, genuinely making a difference but always with a conscience. We aim to create opportunities where others have not.We search for sustainable solutions where others can not. We develop revenue-generating solutions to common and complex industry challenges.


The idea behind Triconser leads back more than 20 years ago were a couple of Dutch no-nonsense sailors who had already earned their spurs in the offshore, decided to work together worldwide to carry out the most complex assignments, alone or in a team.

All educated and trained by experiences with high pressure drilling in the most complex form near the coast of the Netherlands and England in the dreaded North Sea.

That sense of invincible seamanship is still the drive that all our employees radiate. Wherever they are. Whatever problem needs to be solved.

Now that Triconser Group of Companies has grown into a globally operating company with a large database of specialists for every job, we no longer see each other every day. But the feeling remains of that group of friends who see every problem of the customer as a challenge.

That is what Triconser Group of Companies still stands for: Your problem is our challenge!

Richard Fokker, CEO 


Sustainabilty- Deeply embedded in Triconser everyday business

1. Human and labor rights.    

Human rights has been one of the key elements of our sustainability in the recent years. With our work, we aim to make positive impacts for our employees and other stake holders  in our value chain towards the earth, our climate and social environments.

2. Environment officer

We at Triconser decided already in 2016 that with the work we do all over the world we had to take our responsibility towards our environment. We decided to bring in an environment officer who is 24/7 dedicated working towards possible solutions for our work with regards to the environment. This has led towards a good knowledge of the impact of our work to climate change, supply chains, work circumstances and possible sustainable materials to be used.

3. Climate

According to our purpose and vision, we at Triconser aim at leaving a healthier planet for our children by creating choices every day. We advise on day to day bases our customers to reduce emissions by developing lower emissions solutions. We actively arrange workshops at our working sites together with our clients to introduce solutions for emissions reducing and a better climate.

4. Our employees

One of our standards is a zero accident protocol which means that we try to avoid all risk or any danger during the executions of our jobs. These zero accident protocols have been embedded in procedures and also in our tools and protecting measurements towards our employees.

Our day to day communications with our employees worldwide is to give them a family feeling and to see Triconser as their second home.

We at Triconser are having an active policy by trying to get women on leading positions into the company. We work together as a family regardless of your religion your nature and social background.


Richard Fokker




Founder and President of the Board of Triconser Group of Companies. As an AAA accountant specialist in International Financing. Over 30 years’ experience in the Financial and Juridical fields.

With his extensive knowledge of leading international companies, he participated in various international trade missions for The Netherlands. Late member of The Fokker Family.

Daryosh Mafi

Daryosh Mafi




Daryosh has more than 25 years’ experience, worked for some of the major companies within the marine /oil&gas and drilling equipment industry, hold various key both technical and management positions worldwide.

Demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry. Strong business development professionally with a various Certificates in Marine, Oil & Gas and Drilling.

Maaike Weda

Maaike Weda




Maaike Weda is head of our legal team and responsible for all legal matters. Maaike Weda studied (international) tax law, including a year in Cologne, Germany.

After her studies at the University of Amsterdam and the Universität zu Köln, she now works as a lawyer.

Vishwanathan Vinod

Global Head S&P and IMEX


Vinod has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry. With extensive exposure to the upstream and downstream domains of the oil & gas and drilling industry. Having held various key management positions worldwide and demonstrated a proven history of working in the international trade and development industry. Has a long experience for new business acquisition acumen, new market development and project acquiring. Leading our global sales teams towards the highest rates of customer satisfactions. Responsible in our Board for the worldwide sales of the Triconser Group of Companies.


Triconser is an EPC contractor with a fast growing worldwide client base, specialized in a full range of drilling services.

Triconser provides tailor made drilling teams, full overhaul, spareparts and certifications for your drilling equipments.

Our staff is motivated, well trained, certified and ready for any job.

Your problem is our GOAL


Please contact us via one of the phones below or by email at info@triconsergroup.com to discuss how one of our experienced and highly qualified professionals can assist in your operation.

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